Astrology 2 Workshop

Friday March 31, 2023

There are no coincidences in life. Everything is in its designated place, according to the grand design of the universe. Astrologers believe that the positions of these celestial bodies affect human character and life. Therefore, this science is very useful to know and understand yourself and others. In this workshop, Bude Novi will invite us to learn to understand ourselves and the people around us with Astrology.

Yin Yoga Sound Journey – Ticket required

Sound Journey Yin Yoga The Yoga Rescue with live music

Wednesday May 25
At The Yoga Rescue

Ticket required for this class.
Price: IDR 100k

Join us for a journey to create natural medicine for your mind, body and soul. Healing power through a gentle bundle of Yin Yoga & Harmonium Live Music.

The class will be lead by Luci with Yoyok Harnezz on Sitar.

Silent Meditation – Reservation Required

Reservation required – Normal pricing applies.

Join us for this meditation class where we will create and experience awareness, to help stabilize everyone’s practice and its coping strategy for this challenging period of time.

Being together in our stillness, a stillness at the heart of who you are.
A silent awareness. The space in which the dance of life is always unfolding.

Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga for Hips and Lower Back

Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga with Eka Kailash

Thanks to our modern sedentary life style, hips and lower back problems have become a day to day struggle for many.
Combining two powerful fascial (connective tissue) manipulation techniques: Myofascial Release (MFR) and Yin Yoga, this special class offers a practical approach on how to ease pain, release tension, and improve flexibility and qi circulation in this area.

Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

Myofascial Release and Yin Yoga with Eka Kailash

In this special class, you’ll learn how to go deep into the connective tissues (myofascia) of your neck, shoulders and upper back using the powerful ball massaging technique knowns as myofascial release (MFR) and combining it with the static muscle stretching and join works of Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga and Conscious Breathwork session

The Yoga Rescue Concious Breath work and yin yoga

Staying Balanced in Chaotic Times – Towards the end of this year, we invite you to take a moment for yourself and join us for a wonderful Yin Yoga and Conscious Breathwork session to move and breathe with our feelings, allow them to come to light and express any emotions we have not been facing during these tough times.