Welcome to The Yoga Rescue in Jimbaran, Bali! Our studio is open 7 days a week with a variety of yoga classes.

Today's classes


The Yoga Rescue - Private Yoga Promo

Until September 5 we offer private yoga classes in our studio at 80% discount ! 

For more info Tel/Whatsapp +6281237137979

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Our services

In addition to the daily yoga classes, you can always contact us for any of the following services on location or in our studio!

The Yoga Rescue

Private Yoga

Enjoy a Yoga class from the comfort of your home or holiday location. Contact us for pricing and options!

Yoga for couples

Support your partner or buddy not only in real life, but also on the yoga-mat 🙂

Yoga for groups

Feel like a yoga class with your friends? Or a moment of rest during a group outing? Book a session of Yoga for Groups!

Yoga for companies

Get away from your computerscreen for a moment and join your colleagues on the yoga-mat. De-stressing for all of you: time to stretch!

Tailor-made Yoga

Some day we all need some support, and then it is time for The Yoga Rescue!
Amongst others with Yoga for burn-out, Yoga for respiratory illness, Yoga for the elderly...

Yoga for burn-out

A combination of stress reducing yoga, courage building poses and relaxation. Time to work on your recovery...

Yoga for asthma

Relief from respiratory illnesses - includes a lot of yoga poses to open the throat and chest to ease your breathing.

Yoga for the elderly

It is simply fun to excercise together and on top of that yoga has a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep, digestion, peace of mind and the general condition of your muscles and joints.