Full Moon Sound Healing – booking required

Friday July 19

Full moons are significant times of culmination, release, endings, realizations, and letting go. Under the Full Moon energy, we will practice together to let go of things that no longer serve purposes. While with this practice, you will receive frequency, vibration & voice that can heal layers of your body.

New Moon Water Meditation & Sound Healing – booking required

Friday July 5
New Moons are like a zero starting point & are the best time to start something new, get clear on the future, and bring fresh energy into our life. Let’s gather together to set up our intentions under this new moon energy, along with sound healing, where you will receive frequency, vibration, and voice that can heal layers of your body.

Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga is a practice focusing on the meditation of sound, utilising vocal tones, chants, and music to cultivate inner awareness. It involves deep listening and concentration on the vibrations and resonance of sound to facilitate mental tranquility and self-realization.

Evening Flow

The Evening Flow class is a blend of gentle yoga postures and soothing breathwork. Unwind from the day, enhance flexibility, and find your inner serenity as you gracefully move through this calming practice. Suitable for all levels, it’s a perfect way to release tension and invite a sense of peace into your evening.