Hatha Yoga

The type of yoga that typically comes to mind when you think of yoga. It involves breathing, yoga poses, and meditation.

Slow Vinyasa

Coordinates movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. The term vinyasa also describes a sequence (Chaturanga to upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog) used in these classes.

Morning Yoga

An energizing, yet calming and gentle way to start the day. Aiming at bringing clarity to the mind and awakening the body.


Nuri - The Yoga Rescue

Nuri has been practicing yoga since 2012.  Through yoga she learned to understand her body and it helped to find a way to help solve her scoliosis problem.  In 2019 Nuri decided to learn more deeply about yoga and she got her yoga teacher certification.   She helps people to find a better understanding of their […]