The Art of Breathwork

guided by Becki

Class dates:

This special class takes place two times:

December 10, 2022
From 12:30-14:00

December 15, 2022
From 18:00-19:30

The Yoga Rescue
Gg. Mantili No. 1, Jimbaran, Bali

The art of breathwork - The Yoga Rescue

This class is suitable for all levels!

The Art of Breathwork - What to expect:

Our aim for this class, is for you to feel educated, inspired, and empowered.

90 minutes of guided sequenced breathwork using a range of tools and techniques specifically designed to:

  • Increased Energy and Focus
  • Mental Clarity, Memory, and Equanimity
  • Athletic Performance and
  • Post-workout Recovery
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Deep Relaxation and Enhanced Sleep

You will be guided through several sequences designed to achieve these goals whilst being scientifically explained the reasons behind them so you can understand how to use your breath to enhance your life on a daily basis!

* For the class on Saturday December 10 it is recommended to have lunch after the class. 


Ticket: IDR 200k

Book your spot for one of the Art of Breathwork classes or join both!

Art of Breathwork The Yoga Rescue

Jln. Raya Uluwatu, Gg. Mantili No.1, Jimbaran, 80361 Bali Indonesia
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