Nia will guide a series of special classes every Friday in February 2022, from 09:00-10:00
Regular prices apply for these classes: Drop in for 60k or pay with your Member Card class pack!

The Yoga Rescue - balance

Balance Flow

Friday February 4

A balance in our unpredictable life?

With some repeated efforts, you can actually achieve a better predictable physical balance.

This practice of balance postures is great for strengthening the muscles and building coordination and balance. Let’s go for balance!

The Yoga Rescue - Arm Strength

Arm Power

Friday February 11

This class will help to cultivate the strength in your arms when you need extra power to get things done.
A reminder before you start to apply your strength is to keep a sense of lightness around this workout and remember that it is not about building muscle but that your arms are an extension of your heart!
You will build up the poses with hand and shoulder alignment and shoulder openers, so you can move into the power poses safely.

Well Rounded Energy Booster

Friday February 18

An energising flow involving heart opening, balancing (no worries if you wobble!) and lots of opportunity to get the energy flowing in your system again.
Flow through a Wild Thing if that feels good, into Warrior 2, Triangle, Half Moon, try a Sugarcane pose and top it all off with a Camel pose.
Finishing with a relaxation and a short visualisation to illuminate your body even more, you’ll step off your mat hopefully feeling more open, playful, and light hearted.

The Yoga Rescue - balance

Strong and Happy Hips and Thighs

Friday February 25