The Yoga Rescue - The Chakras for Beginners

This special class provides an excellent opportunity to learn something new and gain a deeper knowledge of the psychic physiology of yoga.

We invite you to join us on February 26 from 1:30pm to 4pm for “The Chakras for Beginners – Theory & Practice” with Nia.

Asanas or the physical yoga practice that we are doing, are specific body positions which open the energy channels and psychic centres. These practices are tools to a higher awareness and provide the stable foundation for our exploration of the body, breath, mind and beyond.

The benefits of joining this class

If the aim is to relax and gain optimum physical benefits from your yoga practices, it is necessary to concentrate on something. By directing the mind to a specific region of the body or to the breath, the effect of a particular practice is increased. 

Let’s experience how bringing the awareness to those Chakras in our yoga practice has a particularly powerful and beneficial effect to your mental and physical health all around.

What you will learn in this session:


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