Private Tarot readings at The Yoga Rescue

Tarot reading

Tarot helps us to explore ourselves and our options, and reveal insight through our personal perspectives and experiences.

Tarot is not meant to serve as a static picture of the future, or read anyone’s mind. Tarot is simply a way to communicate with yourself and the world around you. Though Tarot is a tool for personal and/or spiritual growth, it is legally considered for entertainment purposes only! *

Tarot Level 1 workshop - the yoga rescue

Our Tarot Readers

Teh Feni
Wednesday’s at 11:00am

Friday’s at 08:00am

Saturday’s at 11:00

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Wednesday’s at 11:00am by Teh Feni
Friday’s at 08:00am by Azmi
Saturday’s at 11:00am by Claudia

At The Yoga Rescue in Jimbaran, Bali.

Appointments only by booking!

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Purchased tickets can NOT be exchanged or refunded and can not be exchanged for cash (partially or complete). By booking a Tarot Reading you agree to the Disclaimer.