Vinyasa for the Spine

Vinyasa for the Spine - The Yoga Rescue online yoga studio - wayan

Introduction Language: EnglishTeacher: WayanDuration: 0h 33m This class focusses on the spine. Especially if you have tightness on your spine or difficulty to do twisting or side stretchings. The class focusses on biomechanical movement of the body by doing side stretches, extensions and flexing.

Vinyasa Flow for the Upper Body

The Yoga Rescue Online Yoga Studio - Wayan Viqtim Vinyasa Flow for the Upper Body

Introduction Language: EnglishTeacher: WayanDuration: 0h 32m A short guided vinyasa flow session targeted at the upper body.

Vinyasa Flow 2

The Yoga Rescue - Vinyasa Flow 2 - Wayan Viqtim - Online Yoga Studio

Introduction Language: EnglishTeacher: WayanDuration: 0h 54m Wayan guides you in this class that connects meditative movements with your breath. We focus on the hip area and start with simple movements to stretch the hips, prepare the muscles and soft tissues and then we go into a dynamic flow to increase blood circulation. The class incorporates creative sequences […]

Vinyasa Flow

Vinaysa Flow - Wayan Viqtim - online class - The Yoga Rescue

Introduction Language: EnglishTeacher: WayanDuration: 1h 10m In this class we syncronise the breath and the movement in creative sequences to move the body completely and to build strength, flexibility and stability.  We will practice meditative movements to increase awareness on and off the mat. Focus will also be on the alignment so we can engage […]


Coordinates movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. The term vinyasa also describes a sequence (Chaturanga to upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog) used in these classes.