Saturdays Workshop Practical Self Defense for Women

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Practical Self Defense Workshop for Women – Saturday Sessions
The workshop consists of 4 classes (Saturday June 5, 12, 19 and 26)
Time: 11:00-12:30
Teacher: Matthew One
Location: The Yoga Rescue

Due to the nature of this workshop there are very limited spots available. So book now if you want to join!

This workshop will teach self defense based on Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art, originally developed by Morihei Ueshiba which then being acknowledged as O-Sensei. His goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attackers from injury.

The basis of Aikido
Aikido uses universal laws such as gravity, conservation of energy and the momentum of a moving body instead of strength. The more relaxed we are the more powerful these laws can work for us.

The intention of the workshop
Matthew One (3rd Dan Black Belt Aikido International) designed this workshop to unleash this awareness about the laws of nature inside us. We are part of nature itself and exposed to the same laws of energy. By learning this, we can multiply our energy and use it as our self defense’s source of power.

When we can gain understanding of this art and blend it within, then our power becomes limitless.

In addition, practicing Aikido can have additional benefits such as:
* Improved body alignment and posture
* An ability to fall without suffering an injury
* Increased physical self-confidence
* Greater situational awareness
* A fun exercise that increases heart rate
* Greater core strength
* Better coordination
* Be based on natural laws such as gravity rather than strength
* Relaxation and peace of mind because Aikido is based on love (ai)

Why is this workshop only for women?
Naturally, women are able to relax the body more than men. So in general, women learn the beautiful art of Aikido easier. Men tend to use too much strength in applying Aikido which makes it harder to let the laws of nature unify into their bodies. Women on the other hand are better at letting go of that tension and using the energy that flows from the attacker. So that is why this is a workshop specifically for women.

Who is this workshop intended for?
Anyone who wants to learn a practical self defense that is simple and easy to use anywhere and in any situation. Recommended age: 12 – 60 years

Contents of the Workshop

The workshop consists of 4 classes over a period of 4 weeks. Each class has a duration of 1,5 hour

Class 1 – Balance & Relaxing – June 3
Aikido is very close to yoga which also practices both sides of the body in balance, left and right with the same intention. The execution of the practice is similar as well, by relaxing rather than giving it strength. By relaxing we can create power that emerges from the laws of nature itself.

Class 2 – Projection & Humility – June 10
Aikido trains our mindset to become positive by projecting and creating a line that unifies the energy between the attacker, the defender and nature. That is why we call these techniques of aikido ‘projections’. The most interesting about this art is that we totally do not try to hurt, or attack back. What we do instead is neutralizing the attackers’ aggression force into the ground. And we practice it consecutively. There is no win or lose in Aikido. ‘The greatest victory is victory within oneself,’ that is what O-Sensei said in his enlightenment state. That is how we create humility inside us.

Class 3 – Focus & Blending – June 17
Aikido, in the old days, was practiced as if it was in a life and death situation, that is how we develop focus, deep concentration, and total coordination between mind, body and soul. To create awareness that enables us to move in the right time to create the right momentum. By blending with the energy that comes, rather than block and strike back in aikido we blend with the energy then become one with the flow.

Class 4 – Multiple attacks & Extension – June 24
Aikido was designed very uniquely in a way that enables it to being applied for handling multiple attackers. By blending and joining the flow of energy that comes in Aikido we create a vortex that controls all the energy like a whirlpool. And by doing this technique our attacker becomes an extension of our body. This is the first principle to master in order to learn the next level of this workshop, which is weapon class, that we will offer later on.


About Matthew One

Matthew One is a 3rd Dan Black Belt Aikido International and has always been interested in martial arts, ever since his childhood. He studied many of them especially Pencak Silat (Indonesia), Jet Kun Do (Shaolin Chinese Kungfu), Capoeira (Brazil) and Aikido (Japan).

In Aikido he finally was in his element. Ai in Aikido means love, harmony, or peace. Matthew has been practicing this beautiful art since 1996 which made him quit his smoking habit to increase his training ability.

Not long after he started as assistant during classes, he also started teaching himself until 2020. Matthew learnt from many teachers around the world through workshops and seminars to get a deeper understanding about this art. As one of his teachers from Singapore once said: “This is a long journey and a life-long learning”.

Matthew has been developing methods to combine and implement the principles of Aikido in daily life as well as motivational workshops and seminars that he has shared with companies in Indonesia like Bank BCA, ASTRA Daihatsu, and Singapore Piaget Academy. In addition, he shares some of his insights about this art through his book ‘The Trilogy of Ryo Satori’ which also started his hobby as a writer.