Putu Sudewi Arsini

Sudewi - The Yoga Rescue

I am a midwife in a private practice in Denpasar. And every day I meet with many pregnant women, babies, children and sometimes with mothers giving birth. When giving services to pregnant women, I often find pregnant mothers experiencing physical problems that they face during pregnancy. Some are mild and some are heavy. Likewise, many mothers I met experienced problems during labor, one of them was the length of labor. At that time the only thing I could give was limited to light science when on campus. 

One day I found a yoga training for pregnant women held by Yoga Leaf, that’s where I found a solution that I could give to mothers undergoing the process of pregnancy until labor. From there my desire to learn more about yoga led me to doing TTC 50 hours at Markandeya Yoga, TTC 100 hours at Markandeya Yoga and Yoga Kids from Yoga Leaf. I believe that doing activities with good posture through yoga, will be very helpful for the mother to start from the physical and psychological potential to be a parent.

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