Meli Oliveira - The Yoga Rescue

My name is Meli and I am from Portugal.

I’m super passionate about life, about nature (especially sea), new cultures, about people and about feelings and emotions.
I always see the bright side of everything. Little things like smiles and hugs make my day.

Back in Portugal I was a Chef for 7 years, so you can imagine that I love food too.
I was living in a very stressful mood and then, I discover yoga.
My curiosity about yoga grew and I knew that I needed to get deeper and explore more.

I came to Bali to do my 200hr training to become a certified Yoga teacher and I continued with 150hr training in Kriya Himalayan Yoga.

Kriya Himalayan yoga came to my life to understand how to deal with so many questions, overwhelming thoughts and non-processed emotions. At the same time, be free to express yourself and free of judgment.

Nowadays I can say that I’m lucky enough to work professionally in all my passions: Kriya and Yin Yoga teacher – two opposite practices, both to work on the energy body – and photographer.

Upcoming classes with Meli:

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