Lea - The Yoga Rescue

I am Lea, and originally from Germany. At the age of 5 my parents moved to Ecuador where I not only experienced 5 beautiful years but also learned Spanish as my heart language before coming back to Germany again for teenager- and adulthood.

In 2013, I first came in touch with yoga. In 2020 when I started practicing daily, I learned about Power Yoga from Bryan Kest who wanted people to feel self-empowered through Power Yoga.

Power Yoga gives me every day the opportunity to feel self-empowered in my body!

In 2020, my Handpan found me, and this is something so special and valuable for me to combine those 2 in my Power Yoga Session:

Self-empowerment, fire, 3rd Chakra and grounding, coming down to earth, nourishing the inner child, 1st Chakra.

I am so looking forward meeting you on the mat!

Upcoming classes with Lea:

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