Komang Sudana

The Yoga Rescue - Komang Sudana

My name is Komang Sudana. Being born on the island of Bali has made me accustomed to the spiritual that is ever present. Prayer and meditation are a part of my daily routine as well as practicing yoga.

My interest expands to the physical exercise, and involves intensively body shaping and the general fitness business. Having experience working in a yoga environment gave me inspiration to learn further about yoga by joining a spiritual organization in India (Ananda marga pracaraka samgha).

I got my initiation (Diiksha) by Acharya Gopalkrsnananda Avadhuta and it made me determined to dedicate my body, mind and soul to share my passion for yoga to others. My background and experience in the fitness field, lead me to develop the classic yoga style and elegantly combine yoga with fitness in one, unique and modern package.

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