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Language: English
Teacher: Lisa Fiona Sapulette
Duration: 1h 14m

Price: IDR 85.000
Class access: 14 days

This class is a blend of traditional yoga with overall fitness that involves dynamic strength training to benefit body, mind and soul.

The class will focus on constant, modest intensity and repetitive movement to reap the main benefits. During the class Lisa will emphasize on the KAPHA technique and 3Cores activation. The main benefits of this class is overall fitness:

– Boost immunity, build strength, gain flexibility and improve the blood circulation.
– Fat and calory burning with a long medium intensity exercise will use more fat than carbo to burn as a fuel.
– Beneficial for body, mind and soul.

As a practice that is based on traditional yoga which unification of movement, breath and self-focus, KAPHA Fit Yoga will give these benefits in a holistic way.

Class Preview

What is KAPHA Yoga?
KAPHA Yoga is an abbreviation of Koko Asana Principles of Human body Alignment and combines KAPHA Techniques and 3Cores.
The KAPHA technique is the origin of KAPHA Yoga. KAPHA technique and 3Cores (lower, middle and upper core) as a 2-in-1 practice can not be separated.
This KAPHA technique is a new technique of alignment in practicing. Lisa will teach and explain more in this KAPHA Fit Yoga class. Koko Asana Principles are the principles that to help each individual able to practice based on each structural body alignment.
In short, the objective of the principles is to achieve Shri Sthira Sukham Asanam (achieve a posture in a beautiful, stable, strong, powerful, calm and comfortable pose).