In order to be able to run the classes, we kindly request from our visitors that they adhere to the following:

Virus Prevention measures

Fever, cough or running nose? Please stay home.

If you have any signs of fever, cough, running nose etc, please stay home until you are completely recovered and healthy again.


We provide hand sanitizer in our reception area to clean your hands and we do our utmost to keep the place clean and hygienic by desinfecting the mats and props after each class and regularly disinfecting the space so you can practice with comfort.

Social distancing

Social distancing (1,5m) must be followed both in our reception as well as in the studio. This also means that we will limit the registration before a class becomes too crowded.

Bring your own yoga mat (or if not possible, use ours)

Best practice would be to bring your own yoga mat or a yoga towel that can be placed over the studio mat. If this is not possible, you are still most welcome to use our mats and please be reassured that we will give them an extra clean after each class.

Wearing a mask

Wearing a mask is required in our reception area. 
The yoga space itself is open and well ventilated with a breeze of fresh air coming in. 
Practising with a mask is not required, but you are free to use your mask during class.